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Old Bonsai Tree

Old European Olive Tree, Bonsai Tree,,, SALE


Old Fruiting Olive Tree, Bonsai Tree,,, SALE


Ficus Bonsai Tree 15 Year Old Indoor/Outdoor S-Shaped Curved Plant Large Big


Dwarf Jade bonsai tree  6years old small leaf


Bonsai tree Japanese maple katsura rooted cutting 5 year old


Bonsai Tree Kingsville Boxwood 5 Years Old Hand Size Mame Japanese Pot With Chop


Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree 15 Year Old Flowering Indoor/Outdoor 15" Large Big


Orange Citrus Bonsai Tree Indoor Fruiting Bonsai 8 years old & 15" - 20" tall


Old Desert Museum Palo verde Bonsai Tree ,,,short Sale


Bonsai Tree Japanese Musk Maple Exposed Roots 11” Tall, Vintage Old Japanese Pot


Procumbens Nana Pre Bonsai Tree 3 Years old


Bonsai Tree Shimpaku Juniper 12 Years Old 11 1/4” tall, Man Made Kurama Moon Pot


Old Bonsai Tree Alecrim Flowering Rosemary Styled Nebari JaysBonsaiTrees


Juniper Pro Nana Bonsai Tree. 10 inch pot.On Sale Now. Beautiful Large old tree.


Large Old Parsoni Juniper Bonsai Tree # 1234


Jade Bonsai tree - Portulacaria afra - very old plant - designed plant


Old Crassula Ovata Bonsai Tree,,,Sale


Old Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai Dwarf Shohin Big Fat Trunk White Flowers w/ Zisha Pot


Old Giant Crape Myrtle Pink Bonsai Tree ,,,Sale




Bonsai Tree Kingsville Boxwood Pre Bonsai 14 Years Old Ready To Pot As Bonsai


Black Olive Bonsai Tree Indoor Bonsai arbequina 7 yrs old 8" - 11" tall


Mimosa Bonsai Tree Flowering Indoor Bonsai Large 12 years old 18" tall


Old Stock NEEA (Nia) Pre-Bonsai Tree Produces Very Tiny Dense Leaves!


Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree - 8 Year Old Real Tree - Indoor/Outdoor Plant


Old specimen Bougainvillea for unique shohin mame bonsai tree thick trunk


Bonsai Tree Kingsville Boxwood Mame Size 10 Years Old Just 6 5/8” Base-tree Top


Flowering Ligustrum Bonsai Tree Curved Trunk Style Indoor 17 yrs old 17-18" tall


Lemon Bonsai Tree (meyer lemon) Citrus Indoor Fruiting Bonsai 8 yr old 14 -18" T


Monster Old Morris Dwarf Boxwood Tree - Pre Bonsai Stock


Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - Curved Trunk - 8 Years Old- Feng Shui Indoor/Outdoor


Bonsai Tree Kingsville Boxwood 10 Years Old, Quality Blue Glazed Chinese Pot


Bonsai Tree Shimpaku Juniper 12 Years Old 9 1/8” tall, Man Made Kurama Moon Pot


Bonsai Tree Shimpaku Juniper 12 Years Old 9 1/4” tall, Man Made Kurama Moon Pot


Old Ficus Benjamina Bonsai Tree ,,,SALE